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Ladakh, open to tourism only since 1974, is a land of high passes, bounded by the Karakoram and the mighty Himalayas. The Indus with its tributaries acts is the lifeline for Ladakh's scanty population. Ladakh covers an area of 97,000 sq kms, and has an average elevation of 3,500 m. It is often called 'Little Tibet', because of its topographical and cultural similarities with neighbouring Tibet. In the early days, Ladakh played an important role being strategically placed at the crossroads of important trade routes to Central Asia. This now remains in the past, with China having sealed off the borders of Tibet and Central Asia.

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Ladakh Festivals

Festivals of Ladakh are combination of various cultures of Central Asian, Tibetan, Northern India. The monastic festivals are heart of all the festivals. Monks dressed in colorful robes and masks perform dance dramas and mimes that often symbolize the victory of the good over evil and other aspects of the religion. These festivals serve as occasions to celebrate and participate in merry-making activities such as dance, music, shopping and feasting. Various sports such as polo and archery are conducted. Folk dances and songs, its age-old social and cultural ceremonies, its art and handicrafts, all come alive in a colorful kaleidoscope.

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