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Western Ladakh,

Western Ladakh, is a complete destination management company. As one of the premier travel agents, we provide comprehensive travel solutions for leisure, group, corporate or educational purpose, we have been growing rapidly and in the process innovating new and flexible ideas. As professional travel agents, travel is our passion and our life work. We love Ladakh so much that we now know each nook and corners of Ladakh which is suitable for tourists. We have established relationships in the travel industry that enable us to offer you special offers and amenities you won’t find anywhere else—even online. We will be there for you if anything unexpected occurs on your trip. We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure you enjoy exceptional travel experiences throughout your holiday. Our promise to you… "When travel with us, you travel better.”

Boosting Local Economy

Western Ladakh, also contributes to local economy by opening many opportunities for locals to benefit from tourism. We make every effort to purchase locally grown fresh vegetables and employ local people and ponies during the trekking season. Whenever we camp in a village or a pasture we pay a fee for each trekker using the campsite. Locals benefits from homestays and tourist get to indulge in the culture and feel the way of living in pre-medieval houses. Grazing fees are also paid to the local people for the ponies used during your trek. We will make stops along the way at tea tents run by women's group. Here you can re hydrate, buy locally grown or produced products and help Ladakhi people join the cash economy.

Supposed to your paying 100$ to our office for your tour, out of it 30% of the money we get for our office staff salary and office maintenance. 70% of the money benefit to the local people of the region or villages. How? We implying local people for Cook, Guide, Helper, and Transportation for car and horses, camping fee, per day per tent, wildlife fee for protect the wild life, we paying for collecting garbage from the trekking routs and surrounding areas, monastery fee forpreserving local cultural and heritage. Local product organic vegetable, we mostly provide local food during the trek

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